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Pro-Trump News Network Tells Viewers Roy Moore Won Alabama Senate Race By ‘A Large Margin’

Fake News

Pro-Trump News Network Tells Viewers Roy Moore Won Alabama Senate Race By ‘A Large Margin’

Right-wing pro-Trump news outlet One America News Network (OANN) provided its viewers with a breaking news exclusive erroneously claiming that Republican candidate Roy Moore had defeated Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race by more than 20,000 votes.

“We have some breaking news for you that we want to announce,” an OANN announcer can be her telling viewers in a clip obtained by The Wrap. “Our unofficial polling shows Senate candidate Roy Moore sweeping the election right now in Alabama by a large margin,” the host says in the video.

“Now the president of One America News Robert Herring would like to congratulate Moore on the fine campaign that he and his wife have run. Speaking with campaign representatives, we are being told that there are strong signs the majority of voters have now come out in support of the judge,” the host added.

OANN’s website also published an article declaring Moore the winner which has since been taken down.

The network claimed Moore won “despite attacks from democrats about unverified allegations,” according to a cached copy of the article.

“Roy Moore wins the Alabama Senate election and will fill the seat left vacant by Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” the article stated.

“Despite attacks from democrats about unverified allegations from nearly 40-years ago, Moore will keep the seat red and republicans will maintain a 52 to 48 majority in the Senate.”

OANN launched in 2013 and is carried by select cable and satellite TV providers, according to The Hill.


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