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The Guardians of Democracy

Pro-Trump Conference Speaker Urges Attendees To ‘Go To War’ For Trump. Crowd Chants: ‘War, War, War!’


Pro-Trump Conference Speaker Urges Attendees To ‘Go To War’ For Trump. Crowd Chants: ‘War, War, War!’

Speakers at a pro-Trump conference held at President Trump’s Miami golf resort urged attendees to “go to war” for the president and laughed about beating up classmates, reports ProPublica.

One of the speakers at the 3-day conference repeatedly urged the crowd to go to “war” in support of Trump just days after a video of a fake President Trump massacring journalists and lawmakers had been shown to attendees at the Trump National Doral Miami.

“We’ve come to declare war!” Pastor Mark Burns told the crowd three times in the Donald J. Trump Grand Ballroom.

“War! War!” Conference-goers yelled back.

“Do I have anybody who is ready to go to war for Donald J. Trump, for this nation?” Burns asked. “I can’t hear you? Anybody? Ready to go to war! Because we’re citizens of the greatest country in the world!”

The audience cheered in response.

Later during the conference, radio host Wayne Allyn Root recalled punching classmates as one of the few white students at his predominantly black high school.

A “kid comes up to me and I knock him unconscious. Second kid, a week later, I knocked his entire front row of teeth out. He’s on the floor going ‘where are my teeth, where are my teeth,’” Root told the crowd. “My buddies and I were high-fiving and laughing. Man, it was funny.”

“To win in politics, which is the roughest game in the world, you’ve got to be a natural-born killer,” Root added. “Not a wallflower. You’ve got to be a pitbull.”

ProPublica reports:

Burns and Root have both long campaigned in support of Trump. Burns gave the benediction on the first day of the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, for which he drew criticism for referring to Democrats as “the enemy.” Root also campaigned for Trump during the last election, saying he looked forward to supporters taking over the capital with “pitchforks, jack hammers and blowtorches.” (The Trump campaign declared Roots’ comments “completely unacceptable.”)

About a thousand people attended last weekend’s American Priority Festival and Conference. It drew many speakers from the president’s orbit, including Trump Jr., Sanders and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, as well as former Trump campaign aide and now-felon George Papadopoulos.

In between sessions, men milled about wearing shirts popular with the extreme right-wing group Proud Boys. One of the shirts read, “Yamaguchi did nothing wrong.” Otoya Yamaguchi was a Japanese ultranationalist who murdered the head of Japan’s socialist party. The back of the shirt shows an image of the killing.


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