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Pro-KKK ‘Karen’ Now Claims She ‘Blacked Out’ When She Vowed To Teach ‘Grandkids To Hate You All’


Pro-KKK ‘Karen’ Now Claims She ‘Blacked Out’ When She Vowed To Teach ‘Grandkids To Hate You All’

The Missouri woman who went viral for waving a Confederate flag, praising the Ku Klux Klan and vowing to teach hate to her grandchildren while at a Black Lives Matter protest in Branson is now claiming she “blacked out” and doesn’t remember what she said as anti-racism protesters gathered outside a store that sells Confederate merchandise.

“I’m so, so sorry,” Kathy Jenkins told Ozarks First. “I mean, if it would help for me to stand with Black Lives Matter, I absolutely would do that.”

Jenkins, who was seen in the viral tirade decked out in a “Make America Great Again” cap and draped in a Confederate flag, told protesters that she would teach her grandchildren to hate them.

“I’m teaching them to fuckin’ hate all of you people,” she said, then she raised a fist and called out “KKK belief.”

After making national headlines, Jenkins said she does not support the KKK.

“I wasn’t saying I’m KKK or for the KKK,” she told Ozarks First. “I was mocking them because I don’t like being called a racist.”

Jenkins told KOLR10 reporter David Chasanov that she was actually chanting “Black Lives Matter,” before the recording of her racist rant was made.

“I was chanting Black Lives Matter… and that’s not even on video,” she told Chasanov on Wednesday. “It’s like I blacked out. I don’t even remember

She also says she attended the rally because she had “never been to one” before. “I just wanted to see what the rally was all about.”

Jenkins claims she was minding her own business when she was handed a Confederate flag. She told KOLR10 she assumed it was a symbol of unity. She says she then sat in the bed of a truck belonging to someone she didn’t know.

“I didn’t understand that the Confederate flag meant hate,” she told Ozarks First. “I don’t understand the whole history of the Confederate flag, but I’m learning.”

Jenkins says she has lost her job and left Branson over the incident. She promised to never wave a Confederate flag again.

At least some Twitter users aren’t buying her apology.


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