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Police Release Body-Cam Footage Of White Maryland Cop Using The N-Word


Police Release Body-Cam Footage Of White Maryland Cop Using The N-Word

A police department in Maryland has launched an investigation this week after a white officer was captured on cell phone and body-cam footage using the n-word while questioning a group of African American men in Silver Spring, The Washington Post reports.

Police in Montgomery County in Maryland released body-cam footage Thursday after a cell phone video uploaded to Instagram showed the white officer, whose identity has not yet been released, using the racial slur while questioning several young men outside of a local McDonalds on Thursday morning.

In the body-cam video, which bleeps out the n-word, the officer can be heard saying: “Y’all n—–s been tryin’ to something,” according to the Post.

After one of the men called her “racist,” she claimed she was just repeating the men by reportedly using the slur.

“Nope, that’s a quote, that’s your words,” she says.

The Montgomery Police Department said in a statement seen by the Post that its office “sincerely [regrets] the disturbing nature” of the video and added that it will be looking into “all the facts and circumstances of this encounter.”

Local police chief Russ Hamill said “the language was inappropriate by any measure” in an email to employees that was seen by the Post.

He added that “such language, whether one is mimicking another person’s language, or using it on their own, simply has no place here.”


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