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Police Refuse To Arrest Trump Supporters For Illegally Brandishing Guns On School Grounds During ‘Trump Train’ Rally


Police Refuse To Arrest Trump Supporters For Illegally Brandishing Guns On School Grounds During ‘Trump Train’ Rally

An estimated 1,000 Trump supporters gathered on school grounds in Jefferson County, Kentucky, for a “Trump Train” rally on Sunday afternoon where several participants were caught on video illegally brandishing guns. Police did not charge a single person.

Unlawful possession of a firearm on school property is a felony in Kentucky, according to state statutes, and is applicable when an individual “knowingly deposits, possesses, or carries, whether openly or concealed, for purposes other than instructional or school-sanctioned ceremonial purposes.” Guns can be contained in cars on school property by adults, but they cannot be brandished or removed from the vehicle.

The Louisville Courier reported that “at least one held a gun as he ushered cars around protesters who were attempting to prevent the Trump supporters from leaving, while a number of anti-Trump protesters were carrying guns as well.”

Jefferson County Public Schools representatives confirmed that rally attendees did not contact them before gathering at the high school.

Middletown Police Chief Rob Herman said his department was not contacted — four officers came to the school, he said, when they drove past the scene.

“We discovered the Trump rally by literally seeing a traffic jam on Old Shelbyville Road,” Herman said. “The officers, seeing that, went to investigate and discovered that there was a Trump rally. We did not know there was going to be any type of rally yesterday. We were kind of caught off guard.”

When pressed by Louisville Courier-Journal reporters about their decision to not enforce the law, Herman claimed it was a decision based on de-escalation.

“Our ultimate goal was to diffuse the whole situation and try to de-escalate the rising tensions that were occurring between both parties. That’s when both parties produced a long gun,” Herman said Monday morning.

“… No one pointed any guns at anybody, that I know of. So when the guns did produce, it was better just to keep everybody leaving — exiting the property — and diffuse everything than it would have been to shut everything down and try to cause a larger skirmish.”

According to the Louisville Courier: “One video from the event went viral, as a man behind the camera is shown asking a police officer why officers didn’t intervene when he’d been hit by a motorcycle at the rally (the assault the man described is not shown on camera). The officer is shown telling the man that school security personnel ‘do the policing on Eastern High School property.’”


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