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Police Detain Armed Trump Supporter Who Burst Into Library To Protest Drag Queen Storytime


Police Detain Armed Trump Supporter Who Burst Into Library To Protest Drag Queen Storytime

James “Doc” Greene Sr. was detained by police after he interrupted a Drag Queen Storytime reading for children this weekend at the Freed-Montrose Library, reports Houston’s OutSmart Magazine.

The armed Trump supporter, who was attempting to protest the event, was detained, disarmed, and escorted outside by police on Saturday, Jan. 26, for entering the building and refusing to leave.

OutSmart Magazine reports that Greene had previously been issued a trespassing warning last month by the Houston Public Library (HPL) stating he could no longer visit its Montrose location for filming children without permission.

A spokesperson for the Houston Police Department told the LGBTQ news outlet that Greene entered the building about 15 minutes before the program was to being. Police were called when he refused to leave.

“A manager asked us for assistance because [Greene] was banned from the library, and would not leave when he was asked,” Silva says. “He was previously banned for filming children at the library, and has been known to cause disturbances. Several officers had to escort him out.”

Greene was handcuffed, and his concealed weapon was collected in a parking lot outside of the library after he refused to cooperate with police. The man then complained of chest pains after he was put in a police vehicle.

Greene filmed his encounter with police and posted the video on YouTube.

“We have a bunch of homosexuals that are molesting children,” Greene said after being escorted out of the library. “They are doing it with your help.”

Police released him to the custody of the hospital.



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