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The Guardians of Democracy

Pelosi Urges Trump’s Family, Staff To Stage An ‘Intervention’ After Trump’s ‘Temper Tantrum’


Pelosi Urges Trump’s Family, Staff To Stage An ‘Intervention’ After Trump’s ‘Temper Tantrum’

A day after President Donald Trump stormed out of a meeting with Democratic congressional leaders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed the president for throwing a temper tantrum and said she wished his family or staff would conduct “an intervention” with Trump for the good of the country.

“Now this time, another temper tantrum,” Pelosi told reporters at a news conference in the Capitol Thursday. “I pray for the president of the United States. I wish that his family or his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.”

“He pulled a stunt,” Pelosi said. “The president has a bag of tricks and the White House has a bag of tricks that they save for certain occasions. They don’t necessarily apply to the occasion, but they’re a distraction.”

Pelosi said she believes the president wants to goad Democrats into launching an impeachment inquiry prematurely.

“What really got to him was these court cases and the House Democratic Caucus has not passed impeachment and that’s where he wants us to be,” she said.

Pelosi said that Trump’s behavior “in terms of his obstruction of justice,” including ignoring congressional subpoenas “could be impeachment offenses.”

“We want to follow the facts to get the truth to the American people,” she said. “How we deal with [impeachment] is a decision that our caucus makes, and our caucus is very much saying whatever we do, we need to be ready when we do it.”

Pelosi noted that impeachment is still premature and potentially “a very divisive place to go in our country.”

“We can get the facts to the American people through our investigation. It may take us to a place that is unavoidable in terms of impeachment or not,” she said. “But we’re not at that place.”


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