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Parkland Survivors Call Out Trump’s Deafening Silence On Waffle House Mass Shooting By Right-Wing Extremist


Parkland Survivors Call Out Trump’s Deafening Silence On Waffle House Mass Shooting By Right-Wing Extremist

Travis Reinking, a 29-year-old white gunman who declared himself to be part of the right-wing extremist “sovereign citizen” movement, is accused of killing four people of color at a Waffle House outside of Nashville, Tenn., early Sunday morning. The gunman was just apprehended by police Monday afternoon.

Survivors of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida earlier this year are blasting President Trump for refusing to speak publicly about the Nashville mass shooting more than 36 hours after the attack. Instead, he’s been tweeting about North Korea, James Comey’s memos, Mike Pompeo, sanctuary cities, Mexico and attacking “Obstructionists” Democrats.

The gunman reportedly used an AR-15 rifle, the same gun used in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

“Care to comment @realDonaldTrump?” survivor David Hogg tweeted on Monday morning.

“Sir, four people were shot and killed in a Waffle House. Care to comment?” survivor Alex Wind tweeted on Sunday.

Emma Gonzalez noted that the gunman was another “white” shooter who “used an AR-15,” adding that shootings “don’t just happen in schools, they happen everywhere in America.”

Reinking was arrested in July 2017 outside the White House, according to USA Today.

In July 2017, Travis Reinking, 29, told a uniform Secret Service officer that he must be allowed to enter the White House to speak directly with President Trump, according to an arrest report.

The officer explained that he must get a tour to do that and instructed him to move away from the pedestrian entrance.

Reinking told the officer again that he had to speak with the President and that he was a “sovereign citizen” who had a right to inspect the grounds. The FBI says that sovereign citizens are “anti-government extremists who claim the federal government is operating outside its jurisdiction and they are therefore not bound by government authority—including the courts, taxing entities, motor vehicle departments, and even law enforcement.”

After instructing Reinking to move away again, the report states that he took his tie off, balled it into his fist, began approaching the officer and walked past the security barriers.

“Do what you need to do. Arrest me if you have to,” Reinking said, according to the report.

Reinking was detained but refused to leave the secured area. He was arrested and charged with unlawful entry.

The case was ultimately dismissed in November 2017 after Reinking completed a first-time offender diversion program.

Reinking’s Illinois firearm authorization was revoked at the request of the FBI after his arrest in 2017, said Don Aaron, a spokesperson for the Nashville police on Sunday.

His weapons, including the AR-15 he used in the Waffle House shooting, were seized by authorities in 2017 after his arrest. However, the weapons were later given to Reinking’s father, who has said he returned them to his son.

According to a report from the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office, authorities seized a Kimber 9 mm handgun, a Bushmaster AR-15 style rifle, a CZ-USA .22-caliber rifle, a Remington 710 and random ammunition.

Two of the four firearms were found after the shooting. Two weapons remain unaccounted for.

The gunman began shooting patrons and employees with an AR-15 rifle about 3:25 a.m. in Murfreesboro Pike in Antioch, near Nashville, police said.

At her daily White House press briefing on Monday, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the president had privately offered his “condolences” to the victims.

“The president offers his condolences to the victims and their families. He is monitoring the ongoing situation and the White House is in regular contact with state and local officials.”


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