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Ohio 7th Grader Who Died By Suicide In School Bathroom Planned School Massacre With Semi-Automatic Rifle

A seventh-grader who shot himself in the head at Jackson Memorial Middle School last week intended to carry out a school shooting. (WEWS)


Ohio 7th Grader Who Died By Suicide In School Bathroom Planned School Massacre With Semi-Automatic Rifle

A northeast Ohio middle school student who shot himself last week had planned a school mass shooting, according to Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink.

Authorities say 13-year-old Keith Simons brought a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle into Jackson Memorial Middle School, along with a backpack carrying ammunition, bottle rockets and batteries on Feb. 20 and had an eight-step plan to execute out an attack on the school, reports FOX8 Cleveland.

School security cameras captured the student briefly exiting the male restroom holding the long gun he had brought to school under his clothes. Moments later he walked back into the restroom and shot himself, police said.

Brink said the student had a memo on his phone expressing admiration for Columbine High School shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. It also detailed his eight-step plan and his access to firearms.

The boy “intended to conduct a school shooting and harm others,” Brink said.

The discovered memo on Simons’ phone contained entries from February 14, 2018 through February 20, 2018. Portions of a few of these entries are listed below:

February 16, 2018 – “I wanna leve a lasting impression on the world and I Keith M. Simons also wants to leve a lasting impression on the world.”

February 17, 2018 – “I’ll look in to those scared little britches eyes before I kill them there’s now I’ll have followers because I’m so awesome I know someone will follow me just like I followed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebolt’s me and them want close to the same thing, It’s going to be fun……They say school shootings are horrible but they don’t think like us like me Eric and Dylan….”.

February 18, 2018 – “…..I’m going to die doing it, I hate those people, when they interview my parents and ask how they didn’t see the signs they should know it’s not them it’s me and it’s because of how I see the world….I’d hurt and destroy something bigger but my schools an easy target….”

February 19, 2018 – “……this will be bigger than anything this country’s ever seen, ……..I’ve been planning this for a few weeks and thought about it a few months, I will never be forgotten I’ll be a stain in American history and the Simons history, it’s going to be so mutch fun. They won’t expect a thing”.

From the documentation retrieved from Simon’s phone Simons intended on conducting a school shooting at Jackson Memorial Middle School. No evidence has been discovered to explain why Simons changed his mind from shooting others at the school to him retreating back into the bathroom where he took his own life. What we do know is Simons had a fascination with school shooters, specifically the Columbine shooters, and he had access to a weapon.

Memo released by Jackson police.

“Why he went back into the bathroom after he came out holding the gun and then committed suicide? We don’t have an answer,” Brink said.

According to the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office, the student died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.


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