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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Obama Rips Trump As A ‘Crazy Uncle’ Who Emboldens ‘Racists’ And Calls Our Soldiers ‘Suckers, Losers’


Obama Rips Trump As A ‘Crazy Uncle’ Who Emboldens ‘Racists’ And Calls Our Soldiers ‘Suckers, Losers’

Former President Barack Obama urged Americans to stop tolerating President Donald Trump’s outrageous behavior in his most scathing rebuke of the president to date.

If Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden wins on November 3, Obama said, “We’re not going to have a president that goes out of his way to insult anybody who doesn’t support him or threaten them with jail. That’s not normal presidential behavior.”

“You’ll be able to go about your lives knowing that the President is not going to retweet conspiracy theories about secret cabals running the world or, or that Navy SEALs didn’t actually kill Bin Laden,” the former Democratic president continued. “It just won’t be so exhausting. You might be able to have a Thanksgiving dinner without having an argument.”

He insisted that no one would tolerate that kind of behavior from a high school principal.

“We wouldn’t tolerate it from a coach, we wouldn’t tolerate it from a coworker,” he added. “We wouldn’t tolerate it from our family except for maybe our crazy uncle.”

Obama went on to describe the consequences of Trump’s actions in the White House.

“They embolden other people to be cruel and vicious and racist and it frays the fabric of our society. And it affects how our children see things,” he said. “It affects the ways that our families get along. It affects how the world looks at America. That behavior matters.”

“We know that he [President Donald J. Trump] continues to do business with China because he’s got a secret Chinese bank account,” Obama said. “How is that possible? How is that possible? A secret Chinese bank account. Listen, can you imagine if I had a secret Chinese bank account when I was running for re-election? You think — you think Fox News might have been a little concerned about that? They would have called me Beijing Barry.”


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