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The Guardians of Democracy

NYPD Officer Who Violently Shoved Female Protester Into Pavement Charged With Assault


NYPD Officer Who Violently Shoved Female Protester Into Pavement Charged With Assault

A New York City police officer who was seen in a viral video violently shoving a female protester during a demonstration against police brutality in Brooklyn on May 29 is facing multiple charges, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office said.

D’Andraia has been charged with assault, criminal mischief, harassment and menacing, reports NBC News.

The department had launched an investigation after footage taken by a bystander showed D’Andraia calling the protester a “bitch” when she asked why he ordered her off of the street. He is then seen forcefully pushing her to the ground and walking away.

The protester, 20-year-old Dounya Zayer, said she suffered a seizure after hitting her head and that she has been diagnosed with a concussion.

“In no way was I aggressive towards this police officer, and I did not even get in his physical space,” Zayer said in a video from her hospital bed. “He was walking in my direction, told me to move, and because I didn’t move out of his way in time, he threw me out of the way.”

D’Andraia is the first NYPD officer to face arrest over his conduct during the large-scale protests. He turned himself in at the 84th Precinct station house, according to The Times.

“I fully support the long-held American tradition of non-violent protest,” Brooklyn’s district attorney, Eric Gonzalez, said in a statement, adding that he “cannot tolerate the use of excessive force against anyone exercising this Constitutionally guaranteed right. This is especially true of those who are sworn to protect us and uphold the law.”

Gonzalez said he is “deeply troubled by this unnecessary assault” and “will now seek to hold this defendant accountable.”


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