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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

NY Times Reporter Rebukes Trump For Using ‘Stalinist Language’ To Attack The Free Press


NY Times Reporter Rebukes Trump For Using ‘Stalinist Language’ To Attack The Free Press

Nicholas Kristof, a New York Times op-ed columnist, on Tuesday denounced President Trump’s latest attack on the free press.

“I wonder if the New York Times will apologize to me a second time, as they did after the 2016 Election,” the president wrote in a series of tweets. “But this one will have to be a far bigger & better apology. On this one they will have to get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness – they are truly the Enemy of the People!”

“In my 35 years at the @nytimes, I’ve covered lots of authoritarians around the world,” Kristof wrote in response to the president’s latest attack. “Many have lashed out at me or The Times, although rarely using Stalinist language like this.”

He continued: “I’ve been threatened with deportation, arrest, execution. But in the end we’ve outlasted them, and the latest such leader—the genocidal Omar Bashir of Sudan—was just ousted and imprisoned this month. Sure, we make mistakes. Of course we welcome criticism. But venomous denunciations of “enemies of the people” have no place in a democracy, and in my experience authoritarians who ride the back of a tiger end up inside. We are better than this.”

Trump has previously used “enemy of the people” echoing a Stalinist phrase used to describe political enemies to describe the media, which he has always said does not give him accurate coverage.


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