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The Guardians of Democracy

NRA Quietly Spends $54,772 To Help Elect Accused Child Molester Roy Moore


NRA Quietly Spends $54,772 To Help Elect Accused Child Molester Roy Moore

The National Rifle Association has quietly spent almost $55,000 against Democratic candidate Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate special election, effectively endorsing alleged child molester Roy Moore, according to a report by Media Matters.

According to filings with the Federal Election Commission, the NRA spent a total of $54,772.03 in December 2017 on postcards opposing Jones.

As Media Matters notes:

There’s no mention of the NRA being involved in the race on its Political Victory Fund and Institute for Legislative Action websites, the two groups the NRA uses for election spending. According to the Political Victory Fund, the NRA is currently endorsing two candidates: a Republican in an Oklahoma State Legislature special election, and a Republican in the Tennessee General Assembly special election.

The website claims there are “no current elections” the NRA is involved with in Alabama.

Searching for both “Doug Jones” or “Roy Moore” on the Political Victory Fund’s media center page yields “no results.” The only recent mention of “Alabama” was in September 2017, plugging for NRA-endorsed Luther Strange in the special primary election. Running the same search terms on the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action website similarly yielded no results pertaining to the Alabama Senate election.


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