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New Video Reportedly Shows Kenosha Gunman Kyle Rittenhouse Punching Young Woman Last Month


New Video Reportedly Shows Kenosha Gunman Kyle Rittenhouse Punching Young Woman Last Month

Kyle Rittenhouse, an Illinois teen who is facing first-degree homicide charges for killing two protesters in Kenosha this past week when he armed himself with an AR-15 during protests, was reportedly caught on video repeatedly punching a young woman in Downtown Kenosha on July 1, reports The Journal Times.

Multiple videos shared on social media reportedly show Rittenhouse being involved in a fight.

“One of the men who shot one of the videos confirmed its authenticity to The Journal Times and, in the video, the teen throwing the punches is wearing the same red, white and blue crocs Rittenhouse is shown wearing in a photo that was posted on Facebook of himself holding a gun,” the newspaper reports. “Facebook has since blocked all searches on its site for the name ‘Kyle Rittenhouse,’ but videos and posts can still be searched on Twitter.”

In the videos, two females are shown arguing in a parking lot in Downtown Kenosha.

“In the first video, the teen identified as Rittenhouse and several other young males are shown watching two females (ages unknown) argue. One of the females, wearing a white tank top and short shorts, says that another female, wearing slippers and sweatpants, touched her,” the newspaper reports. “Moments later, the argument escalates as the teen identified as Rittenhouse and another male begin exchanging words with the female in sweatpants. Seconds after that, the female in sweatpants starts scuffling with a third female.”

Rittenhouse then appears to land several punches on the female in sweatpants as another male fails to hold Rittenhouse back.

At that point, the males filming — identified on Facebook as Reese Granville and Cj Wakefield, both of Kenosha — jump out of their vehicles and run in.

“Granville confirmed to The Journal Times the date and location of the fight. Videos on Facebook show that Wakefield also was at protests in Downtown Kenosha this past week. Both Granville and Wakefield have said, based on what they witnessed and recorded, that the person throwing punches in their videos is Rittenhouse,” The Journal Times adds. “The second video shows Rittenhouse, wearing red-white-and-blue trunks and shoes, being kicked several times. One male can be heard saying ‘Do not put your hands on a female (expletive)’ moments before the fight breaks up. A third video, shared by Granville, has little visual information (since the phone’s camera appears to be covered) but includes audio of a woman yelling, ‘Hey stop!'”

Granville told The Journal Times in a message that he doesn’t know what led to the fight. He said he was just driving past, saw what was going on and started recording.


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