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New Hampshire’s GOP Gov. Chris Sununu: ‘The President Is Wrong’ On NH Being A ‘Drug-Infested Den’


New Hampshire’s GOP Gov. Chris Sununu: ‘The President Is Wrong’ On NH Being A ‘Drug-Infested Den’

New Hampshire’s Republican Gov. Chris Sununu on Thursday called out President Trump for his “mischaracterization” of the state after Trump called it a “drug-infested den” during a January phone call with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, according to a transcript obtained by The Washington Post that was published on Thursday.

“The president is wrong. It’s disappointing his mischaracterization of this epidemic ignores the great things this state has to offer,” Sununu said in a statement.

“Our administration inherited one of the worst health crises this state has ever experienced, but we are facing this challenged head on,” he said.

In addition to doubling its resources to support prevention, treatment and recovery efforts for opioid addiction, New Hampshire has “dedicated millions to law enforcement efforts to keep drugs” out and is “rebuilding” its prevention programs for kids, he added.

“We are already seeing positive signs of our efforts as overdoses and deaths are declining in key parts of the state,” he said.

“In spite of this crisis, New Hampshire remains the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

“We have a massive drug problem where kids are becoming addicted to drugs because the drugs are being sold for less money than candy,” the president said during the call. “I won New Hampshire because New Hampshire is a drug-infested den.”

The Hill added:

Trump won the Republican primary in New Hampshire but lost the general election there to Hillary Clinton.

Trump during his campaign often talked about how drug addiction was hurting places like New Hampshire.


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