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Nevada Student’s Racist Snapchat Video Sparks Outrage: ‘N*ggers Burn In Hell’


Nevada Student’s Racist Snapchat Video Sparks Outrage: ‘N*ggers Burn In Hell’

Nevada’s Palo Verde high school is at the center of a firestorm after one of its students posted a shockingly racist rant to the social media site Snapchat.

In the clip, the unnamed student is heard repeatedly using the n-word, while also singing lyrics, “F*cking n*ggers can burn in hell! F*ck Rosa Parks, I’ll slap that b*tch as well! N*ggers need to learn, n*ggers need to burn!”

In a statement to parents, Palo Verde High School principal Darren Sweikert said: “Behavior like this will not be tolerated at our school nor anywhere in the Clark County School District. While no direct threat has been made to our school or specific students, this kind of dialogue is unacceptable.”

Clark County School District officials have not released specific details about disciplinary action with the Palo Verde student, but indicated he would likely face consequences.

This is not the first racist incident to go public within the Clark County School District this week, reports News 3.

A local rabbi spoke out last week after his Escobedo Middle School daughter found a note with a swastika on it along with the words “you don’t belong here.”

News 3 adds:

District officials are also still dealing with concerns from local parents and kids after two students were arrested in March when photos were posted on social media of black students over at Arbor View High School along with racist captions and threats to open fire on the campus.

On Friday, News 3 caught up with Palo Verde HS students who feel enough is enough.

“I feel bad for the races that had to listen to that. I just feel like it’s messed up. No one should ever even say that,” said one teen.

“I don’t think it was a good idea whatsoever and he should have never even said that.”

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