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The Guardians of Democracy

Nevada GOP Activist Reveals He ‘Caucused For Bernie’ To Help Trump Win: ‘It Would Be A Dream Election’


Nevada GOP Activist Reveals He ‘Caucused For Bernie’ To Help Trump Win: ‘It Would Be A Dream Election’

Chuck Muth, a Nevada Republican activist, said Saturday that he had re-registered as a Democrat last weekend and marked Sen. Bernie Sanders as his first choice on an early voting ballot.

Muth, who spoke to the Las Vegas Journal-Review while wearing a red ‘Keep America Great’ hat, explained that he had crossed over to show Democrats “how absurd I think it is to have same-day registration as well as early voting for a caucus.”

Nevada’s Democratic Party allows same-day registration for the caucus. The party said in a news release that 10,000 people had signed up for the Democratic Party during four days of early voting.

The day before the Feb. 11 New Hampshire primary, President Trump encouraged his Republican supporters to cross over and “vote for the weakest candidate possible of the Democrats.”

“So my wife and I last Sunday went to an early voting site, we changed parties right there on the spot,” Muth explained. “We caucused for Bernie.”

Muth, who attended the Nevada Republican Central Committee on Saturday, explained that he chose Sanders, not because he thought Sanders would be the easiest Democrat to beat, but because he thought a contest between Trump and the Vermont senator would provide “a great civics lesson for the entire country, comparing an absolute avowed socialist versus an absolute avowed capitalist.”

“It would be a dream election,” Muth said. “The nightmare would be if Sanders won, of course. But, look, if Bernie Sanders can beat Donald Trump, we’ve already lost it.”

Muth said he is thinking of starting a group called, “Democrats for Trump.”

Muth mentioned the party switch in his email newsletter, suggesting to fellow Republicans that they re-register and vote in the Democratic caucus. A couple of dozen people told him they thought they might do the same thing, he said.


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