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The Guardians of Democracy

Ex-GOP Lawmaker Warns Trump Would Begin Arresting ‘Every Journalist He Didn’t Like’ If He Could


Ex-GOP Lawmaker Warns Trump Would Begin Arresting ‘Every Journalist He Didn’t Like’ If He Could

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Wednesday he believes President Donald Trump would immediately throw his media critics in jail “if he could get away with it,” in an effort to silence his critics.

The former GOP congressman’s warning came after the Department of Justice announced it was changing its seven- to nine-year sentence recommendation for former Trump associate and GOP operative Roger Stone hours after Trump criticized the sentence in a tweet Tuesday.

DOJ’s unusual move to lower Stone’s sentence recommendation appeared to prompt the entire four-prosecutor team working on the case to resign from it.

“Would Donald Trump not do whatever he could do if he could get away with it? Seriously,” Scarborough asked rhetorically on Wednesday morning.

“If he could arrest every journalist he didn’t like, if he could arrest us tomorrow? Let me ask you a question: do you think he would arrest us tomorrow?” he continued. “Do you think he would arrest the editor of The New York Times, the editor of The Washington Post, Jeff Bezos? Do you think he would arrest them tomorrow and throw them in jail to silence them?”

Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, is the owner of The Washington Post, while Marty Baron serves as editor-in-chief.

“If he felt like it,” co-host Brzezinski replied.

“Because if you don’t think he wouldn’t, you’re just lying to yourself,” Scarborough said.

Trump on Wednesday congratulated Attorney General William Barr for “taking charge” of the Stone case, which he dubbed “totally out of control” in a Wednesday tweet.

“Congratulations to Attorney General Bill Barr for taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should not have even been brought,” Trump wrote to his more than 71 million followers.


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