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MSNBC Analyst: ‘Desperate’ Trump Will Run ‘Disgusting, Ugly’ 2020 Campaign To Avoid Prison


MSNBC Analyst: ‘Desperate’ Trump Will Run ‘Disgusting, Ugly’ 2020 Campaign To Avoid Prison

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace on Wednesday was joined by Washington Post reporter Phil Rucker, MoveOn communications chief Karine Jean-Pierre, and former Sen. Claire Mccaskill to discuss President Trump’s Orlando campaign rally.

Wallace began by noting that the president mentioned Hillary Clinton’s “name more than half a dozen times before acknowledging a single Democrat who is actually running in 2020. That’s last night’s rally in a nutshell for you. No new announcements, no shift in rhetoric, it was more a look back than a look forward. And at times it was hard to remember what year it is.”

“It felt like déjà vu for both of us who covered the 2016 campaign because it was the same ‘populist’ messages, same grievances, same lines, even and the same response with the same crowd. And the same logo,” Rucker said.

MoveOn’s Jean-Pierre warned of an “ugly” 2020 election cycle to come as a “desperate” Trump runs for reelection to avoid being “indicted” or “arrested.”

“It was just a reminder of 2016, as others said but it has also basically laid out how awful it would be in 2020,” she said. “It was 2016 times 10. That was the fear and ugliness you saw there.”

“This time around, he’s a desperate man. He needs to get re-elected,” Jean-Pierre continued. “When you have a desperate man, a desperate person, it is going to be a wild, disgusting, ugly ride. He knows if he cannot get re-elected, he can be indicted, he can be arrested. There’s so much more at stake for him. That is what you saw last night.”

Sen. Mccaskill warned that Trump’s reelection strategy is about growing his base by finding Americans who are “just as angry and just as resentful as the people in that arena last night.”

“It’s about resentment and how well he can get people to respond to ‘I’m a victim’ and ‘you’re a victim,’ ‘we’re all victims.’ And, by the way, we gotta screw the people who are hurting us. It’s all about resentment,” Mccaskill said.

“It’s us against them. This is about growing his base. What his campaign is doing Nicole is they are not counting on getting the Obama-Trump voter back, they are counting on growing the Trump voters. Finding more of those people that have never registered to vote. More of those people who are just as angry and just as resentful as the people in that arena last night. And that’s their strategy to grow.”

“That’s why it’s so important that our Democratic primary doesn’t get into a mudbath because we’ve gotta keep everybody united and keep them enthusiastic about turning out. It’s going to be a battle of turnout between those who are resentful and those who wanna go back to something aspirational.”


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