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‘Motherfu*ker’: Kayne Says Trump MAGA Hat Gives Him ‘Male Energy’ During Surreal Oval Office Slavery Rant


‘Motherfu*ker’: Kayne Says Trump MAGA Hat Gives Him ‘Male Energy’ During Surreal Oval Office Slavery Rant

President Trump on Thursday hosted rapper Kanye West for a surreal meeting in the Oval Office that touched on Kanye’s own mental health, slavery, MAGA hats, his love for the president and even included a few expletives during a rambling 10-minute monologue.

“He might not expect to have a crazy motherf*cker like Kanye West support him,” West said of President Trump.

West explained that he was drawn toward President Trump’s campaign “because of the male energy” and Superman-like “power” he derived from wearing the “Make America Great Again” hat. Kanye said he lacked that male energy in his own home and in his childhood.

“I love Hillary. I love everyone, but the campaign ‘I’m With Her’ just didn’t make me feel — as a guy — that didn’t get to see my dad all the time, like a guy that can play catch with his son,” West said.

“It was something about when I put this hat on, it made me feel like superman – my favorite superhero. You made a Superman cape for me,” West said, claiming that people “tried to scare me to not wear this hat.”

The rapper also told the president that he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but that he felt it was a “misdiagnosis” and that he was simply sleep-deprived.

Following the statement by West, Trump said, “I tell you what, that was pretty impressive.”

“That was quite something,” Trump said.

West then said, “It was from the soul. I just channeled it.”

“He can speak for me any time he wants, he’s a smart cookie,” Trump said of Kanye. “He gets it.”

The chat was then turned over to reporters who asked West about his feelings on gun control.

“Illegal guns is the problem, not legal guns, we have the right to bear arms,” he said bluntly.

MSNBC hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle were left completely dumbstruck by West’s remarks.

“Wooooow,” Velshi exhaled as he began waving his hands around.

“Okay. I’m doing this for everybody who is watching us who turned their volume down. You can put it back up again. That was bonkers!”

Ruhle chimed in, “If you think you’re going to get a thoughtful play by play and political analysis, you’re not. That was an assault on our White House.”

Velshi added that “you can’t analyze some of that stuff that was said” before the two of them attempted to recap some of the highlights lowlights from the meeting.

“That was crazy,” he noted.

Watch a portion of West’s monologue below:


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