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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Montana Farmers Mow ‘FU45’ Into A Field On Air Force One’s Flight Path


Montana Farmers Mow ‘FU45’ Into A Field On Air Force One’s Flight Path

Two Montana farmers decided to protest President Donald Trump’s visit Saturday to the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport by mowing “FU45” in a grassy field under the flight path to be taken by Air Force One, The Great Falls Tribune reported.

Kevin Crawford of Bozeman told the publication he didn’t simply want to protest against Trump’s visit at his rally in Belgrade, Montana, Saturday afternoon, as “his wingnut base loves nothing more than to think they are pissing off a bunch of liberals who are protesting.”

He said he discussed with his friend, Curtis Roe, how they should show their disapproval of Trump’s visit, and decided after a couple of beers to mow the message in giant 60-foot letters running 150 feet across in a field.

“It’s just to express displeasure or disgust — or I could think of a lot of other adjectives,” he said. “My approach was, we said what we had to say with a lawnmower.”

Crawford said his main objection to Trump was “his treatment of women and minorities and his treatment of anybody who doesn’t agree with him. He shouldn’t be anywhere near the White House.”


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