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The Guardians of Democracy

Minutes After GOP Acquittal, Trump Tweets Video Showing Him As President Forever


Minutes After GOP Acquittal, Trump Tweets Video Showing Him As President Forever

Minutes after the GOP-led Senate voted to acquit President Trump on impeachment charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress over his dealings with Ukraine, Trump raised eyebrows on Twitter when he shared a video showing him running for president for all of eternity:

The 30-second clip reportedly created by a pro-Trump meme maker was based on a Time magazine cover and accompanying video from 2018 that made the case for why “Trumpism will outlast Trump.”

The video ends with Trump standing behind a lectern bearing the sign “Trump 4Eva.” Trump previously shared the same video in June.

Senators on Wednesday voted 48-52 on abuse of power and 47-53 on obstruction, falling well short of the two-thirds requirement for convicting Trump and removing him office.

Trump has previously joked about serving more than two terms, including at a campaign rally in May of 2019, when he told a crowd that he could potentially serve a fifth term in the White House with their help.

In April he told a crowd that he might remain in the Oval Office “at least for 10 or 14 years.”

In June Trump suggested in a tweet that his supporters might “demand” that he serve more than two terms as president.

That same month, Trump shared a doctored video depicting him campaigning for office indefinitely on the cover of Time magazine.

In September, Trump suggested he might remain in office beyond a second term while discussing the 2026 FIFA World Cup.


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