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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

‘Minneapolis Is Burning’: Rioters Set Fire To Multiple Buildings And Businesses


‘Minneapolis Is Burning’: Rioters Set Fire To Multiple Buildings And Businesses

Police say they have responded to multiple reports of fires and lootings at businesses in the area of the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct as protests over the death of George Floyd turn violent.

Fire crews responded to a fire set at the AutoZone location on East Lake Street, just steps away from the Third Precinct building.

The building was quickly engulfed in flames and appears to be a total loss.

Video shared to Twitter appears to show a Minneapolis target store on fire after looters spent the day clearing out the store.

A Wendy’s and another multi-story building have also been set on fire.

Minnesota Reformer reporter Max Nesterak tweeted a photo of people “using buckets to pour water on adjacent buildings and keep the fire from spreading.”

Star Tribune reporter Liz Sawyer tweeted: “Housing complex construction site on 29th/26th is on the verge of collapse. Heat is so intense you can feel blocks away.”

Police also reported a number of looting and fire reports throughout the evening — including a fire set at a Cub Foods store, reports FOX9.

In tweets, both Mayor Jacob Frey and Governor Tim Walz urged rioters to go home.

“Please, Minneapolis, we cannot let tragedy beget more tragedy,” Frey begged. “The area along Lake has become unsafe. We are asking for your help in keeping the peace tonight.”

Officers say one man was also killed in a shooting not far from the site of the protests at Bloomington and Lake.

The fires were so intense that the smokes plumes could be seen on doppler radar.

The protests were largely peaceful throughout the day Wednesday, as thousands turned out to call for justice.


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