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The Guardians of Democracy

Mike Pence Says He Doesn’t Understand Why Liberals Think Climate Change Is A ‘Paramount Issue’

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Mike Pence Says He Doesn’t Understand Why Liberals Think Climate Change Is A ‘Paramount Issue’

Less than 24 hours after President Trump announced to the world his decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate deal, Vice President Pence said he doesn’t understand why so many liberals are making such a big deal out of climate change.

“We’ve demonstrated real leadership. We’ve demonstrated real progress,” Pence said in an interview with Fox News late Thursday. “But for some reason or another, this issue of climate change has emerged as a paramount issue for the left in this country and around the world.”

An overwhelmingly number of climate scientists, 97 percent to be exact, agree that human activity has significantly contributed to global warming and rapid climate change, and have warned that without a drastic reduction of heat-trapping gases, the already noticeable harms of global warming could spiral “out of control.”

But Pence dismissed any “apocalyptic predictions” surrounding Trump’s decision to pullout of the accord, arguing that the U.S. has already “demonstrated real progress” in reducing carbon emissions.

“It’s long been a goal of the liberal left in this country to advance a climate change agenda,” Pence said.

The Hill adds:

While climate change has certainly emerged as a key part of the Democratic Party’s platform, however, some Republicans have called on the U.S. to address the matter as well, and even members of the president’s administration lobbied him to keep the U.S. in the Paris agreement.

Among those who called on Trump to remain was Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who in his previous job as CEO of Exxon Mobil embraced calls to combat climate change. Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner also reportedly lobbied for the president to stay in the agreement.


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