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‘Melania Was Born Where?’: Ana Navarro Calls Out Trump’s Hypocrisy After Racist ‘Go Back’ Home Tweet


‘Melania Was Born Where?’: Ana Navarro Calls Out Trump’s Hypocrisy After Racist ‘Go Back’ Home Tweet

GOP strategist and CNN contributor Ana Navarro on Sunday ripped into President Donald Trump for his racist tweets attacking Progressive Democratic congresswomen.

“Republicans have neglected their responsibility when it comes to Donald Trump three years now and I don’t think that will change because of this horrible tweet but frankly Republicans should be speaking out against this, calling it what it is,” Navarro told CNN’s Ana Cabrera. “Call a spade a spade. Call a racist a racist. The problem is that they’ve enabled this racist for far too long, they’ve justified this racist for far too long. They kissed his ring far too long.”

Navarro, whose family fled Fidel Castro’s Cuba when he was just 12, says she is frequently attacked by racist critics who tell her to go back to her country.

“Well, I’ve got news for Donald Trump and all his supporters who feel the same way, This is our country! It is our country as much as it is Trump’s country. If we’re going to start sending people back, I don’t know,” she added.

“Listen, Ted Cruz was born in Canada. Marco Rubio’s parents were born in Cuba,” Navarro noted. “Melania Trump was born where? Slovenia? How about her parents who are here through family immigration? I’m sick of that guy’s hypocrisy, pitting people against each other. It is no coincidence, no coincidence that the congresspeople he is picking on are all women of color. Are all women of color.”

“If you go to the Vietnam memorial, you’ll see a bunch of Hispanic names, a bunch of names of people who came from other countries and were willing to do what Donald Trump was too much of a coward to do,” Navarro continued. “Sacrifice and serve for this country and wear this country’s uniform, risking their lives for it. Donald Trump is a nightmare, national embarrassment and a national nightmare that’s going to pass some day.”

Earlier in the day, Navarro tweeted: “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born in New York. Rep. Rashida Tlaib was born in Michigan. Rep. Ayanna Pressley was born in Ohio. Rep. Ilhan Omar is a naturalized American, like 2 of Trump’s wives (so far). They’re just as American as the Trump Family. Only difference is they pay taxes and are not white…or orange.”


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