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Melania Trump Spent $174,000 On Hotels During A Day Trip To Toronto: Report


Melania Trump Spent $174,000 On Hotels During A Day Trip To Toronto: Report

During a day trip to Toronto last year, First Lady Melania Trump spent about $174,000 in hotel bills, according to federal expense documents reported by Quartz.

The astonishing expenditures dwarfed the $95,000 hotel bill from the first lady’s stay at the InterContinental Cairo Semiramis last month, where she stayed for less than half a day at the end of her tour of Africa, reports The HuffPost.

Though Melania did not spend the night in Toronto, Quartz notes that federal spending records show six separate hotel charges that added up to eight times what it cost to house the team who traveled with her.

Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham claimed in an email to the news outlet that the first lady’s “advance team” was responsible for some of the costs. The team ensures “safety measures, medical care, communications, motorcade needs and logistics are all in place,” she wrote. They’re all “legally required for official travel,” Grisham added.

The HuffPost notes:

But federal expense documents reported separate, additional costs for the advance team that added up to $18,000, according to Quartz.

The hotels are not identified in the expenses. They’re listed simply as “hotel rooms” under a heading of “miscellaneous foreign awardees” in the federal expense documents. There are six hotel charges ranging from nearly $12,000 to nearly $49,000, but the documents don’t offer details. (Other charges were for $16,000, $19,000, $35,000 and $43,000.)

A pool press report from Sept. 23, 2017, showed that the first lady’s trip spanned about 12 hours: She arrived in Toronto around noon, met with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau around 6:30 p.m., and returned just after midnight to Andrews Air Force Base.

Melania’s Toronto visit also incurred $21,000 in transportation costs, Quartz reported.


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