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The Guardians of Democracy

Man With Knives Strapped To Arm Threatens To Kill Peaceful Protesters, Tries To Run Them Over: Video


Man With Knives Strapped To Arm Threatens To Kill Peaceful Protesters, Tries To Run Them Over: Video

A New York man was caught on video Tuesday emerging from his SUV brandishing a multi-bladed Medieval weapon attached to his arm which he used to threaten peaceful demonstrators during a protest against police violence and racial injustice before attempting to run them down with his vehicle.

Multiple cell phone videos recorded the middle-aged man screaming at demonstrators as he stalked them on foot along the sidewalk, where posters condemning the police killing of George Floyd hung from a chain link fence.

In a video shared to Instagram, the man can be seen climbing back into his vehicle and driving his SUV onto the sidewalk, sending the demonstrators running for their lives as he attempted to run them over.

Speaking to the Queens Eagle, a witness to the incident said the “kids [were] just calmly protesting by just placing signs and posters, all of the sudden the guy started insulting them and the kids just started talking back defending their beliefs.”

“The exchange infuriated the man,” the witness told the news outlet. “He turned around and ditched his Mercury SUV on the overpass, blocking traffic so he could threaten the group of young people with the piece of Medieval weaponry attached to his arm. He walked toward one person wearing a white sweatshirt and accused the demonstrators of throwing something at his car.”

“He literally made a crazy U-turn, parked in front of them and started chasing them with his 4 knife weapon,” she said. “After that, he got back into his car and GOT ON the sidewalk, stepped on the gas pedal and started chasing those kids with the intent of running them over. Then he just got away.”

“I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you,” the man screamed at the group of young people, according to another video. “You’re in the wrong neighborhood. You’re in the wrong neighborhood, bitch.”

The man then drove onto the sidewalk to further intimidate protestors, Agudo said.

In an email to the Queens Eagle, an NYPD spokesperson, Detective Denise Moroney, said police are investigating the incident.

“A 23-year-old male reported to police that an unidentified individual exited a vehicle with a sharp object and displayed it to a crowd that was peacefully protesting and fled in a vehicle described as a gray SUV mercury. There were no reported injuries as a result, no arrests at this time and the investigation is ongoing,” Moroney said.


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