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Local TV Giant Sinclair Broadcasting Increases ‘Must Run’ Pro-Trump Pieces From Former Trump Official


Local TV Giant Sinclair Broadcasting Increases ‘Must Run’ Pro-Trump Pieces From Former Trump Official

Sinclair Broadcast Group is giving more exposure to the former Trump administration official, investment banker and attorney Boris Epshteyn by requiring its 173 local affiliates across the country to run nine instead of three Epshteyn commentaries per week, Politico reported.

Epshteyn joined the network in April.

Comedian John Oliver addressed Sinclair’s corporate office requirement to run these segments on his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” on July 2, noting that Sinclair’s alleged right-wing bias would inject conservative views into local news broadcasts.

“Sinclair content tilts noticeably conservative,” Oliver said, adding there wouldn’t be an issue if “the opinions were confined to the commentary or the ad breaks.”

“Did the FBI have a personal vendetta in pursuing the Russian investigation against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn?” Sinclair anchors asked.

“As far as we can tell, no other major owner of TV stations distributed its own commentary segments to run during local news,” Oliver said.

The Hill added:

The FCC is currently reviewing a $3.9 billion deal between Sinclair and Tribune in an effort to determine if the two major media companies coming together is in the “public interest.”

Critics against the merger say such a media outlet could potentially harm the public by significantly consolidating the local news media market, where both Sinclair and Tribune own big stakes.

The FCC said the merger would slightly exceed the 39 percent national audience reach limit.

The deal would make Sinclair the largest TV station owner in the country.

You can watch the “Last Week Tonight” segment below:


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