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‘Lifelong Conservatives’ Say They’re Voting For Dem In 2020 Because Trump Is ‘Absolutely Disgusting’


‘Lifelong Conservatives’ Say They’re Voting For Dem In 2020 Because Trump Is ‘Absolutely Disgusting’

A self-identified “lifelong conservative” attending the Iowa State Fair on Sunday told MSNBC that she is considering voting for a Democratic presidential candidate in 2020 because she doesn’t consider President Trump to be a “good man.”

“I’m a lifelong conservative,” Kate Miller said. “I actually campaigned door to door for Chuck Grassley his first year as a Senate candidate. But I cannot vote for Donald Trump. He is not a conservative. I don’t think he’s a good man and when you watch a cabinet member after cabinet member fall away from him, I just can’t vote for him.”

Miller said that she wanted a Democratic presidential candidate who “is reasonable on borders.”

“I’m an educator and we’ve got to do something about education so that’s the person that I’m looking for,” she added. “It’s really hard because there are all these stump speeches and I don’t know what they believe.”

Miller’s daughter, Taylor, agreed that the president has said “so many things that are just absolutely disgusting.”

“I can’t vote for Donald Trump and if there was a better conservative, I would probably vote for them,” Taylor Miller explained. “But he says so many things that are just absolutely disgusting and tweeting foreign policy is is not presidential enough.”

She added: “I really want a Democratic candidate that I can get behind and support and like my mom said, isn’t completely crazy on immigration and really will make things like schools safer so that I can have a place here in my future and just make the country better.”


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