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600 Layoffs Coming To Carrier Plant Trump Bragged About Having ‘Saved’ Last Year

President-elect Donald Trump delivers speech at Carrier plant in Indianapolis on Dec.1, 2016 -- screengrab


600 Layoffs Coming To Carrier Plant Trump Bragged About Having ‘Saved’ Last Year

More than 600 employees at a Carrier plant in Indianapolis will face layoffs beginning next month, despite being told by President Trump that nearly all the jobs at the plant had been saved.

Nearly seven months after President-elect Donald Trump was praised for using his master negotiating skills to strike a deal saving “close to 1,000” jobs that were on the chopping block, the deal has not worked out quite as originally advertised

Trump and Carrier reached an agreement in December to keep about 1,000 jobs at the Indiana plant. Both Carrier and Trump celebrated the agreement on Twitter.

Trump also celebrated the agreement at the plant shortly after it was reached as an early victory of his agenda.

“I want to let all the other companies now that we are going to do great things for business. There’s no reason for them to leave anymore,” Trump said in December. “Their taxes are going to be at the low end and the unnecessary regulations are going to be gone.”

The Hill added:

“But CNBC reported that the fine print of the agreement indicates that only 730 of the 1,069 jobs that Trump’s deal “saved” are manufacturing jobs. The rest are engineering and technical jobs that were never set to be cut, according to the report.

In addition, the $16 million that the company promised to invest in the facility as part of Trump’s deal will go toward automation in the factory, which would ultimately result in fewer jobs.

Union officials told CNBC they’ve heard nothing from the company on potential relocation to other factories for the laid-off workers, only receiving a notice that the first round of cuts, totaling 338 jobs, will occur on July 20, with 290 more jobs being eliminated on Dec. 22.”


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