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Kushner Had Three Undisclosed Contacts With Russian Envoy: Report


Kushner Had Three Undisclosed Contacts With Russian Envoy: Report

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner had at least three previously undisclosed contacts with Russia’s envoy to the U.S. during and after the campaign, Reuters reported Friday.

Reuters reported that the contacts involving President Trump’s son-in-law included two phone calls between April and November 2016.

The White House said in March that Kushner and Trump’s first national security adviser Michael Flynn had met Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at Trump Tower in December.

Reuters added:

“Before the election, Kislyak’s undisclosed discussions with Kushner and Flynn focused on fighting terrorism and improving U.S.-Russian economic relations, six of the sources said. Former President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Russia after it seized Crimea and started supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

After the Nov. 8 election, Kushner and Flynn also discussed with Kislyak the idea of creating a back channel between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that could have bypassed diplomats and intelligence agencies, two of the sources said. Reuters was unable to determine how those discussions were conducted or exactly when they took place.”

Kushner’s attorney, Jamie Gorelick, said Kushner did not remember any calls with Kislyak between April and November.

“Mr Kushner participated in thousands of calls in this time period. He has no recollection of the calls as described. We have asked (Reuters) for the dates of such alleged calls so we may look into it and respond, but we have not received such information,” she said.

Seth Abramson, an attorney and former criminal investigator, has a different take on it:

The Washington Post reported Friday evening that Kushner had discussed with the Russian ambassador the possibility of establishing a secure, private line of communication between the presidential transition and the Kremlin. This followed reports this week that Kushner was under FBI scrutiny over his contacts with Russia.


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