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Kushner Talks To Fox News Chairman Rupert Murdoch ‘Every Day,’ Asks Him For Advice: Report


Kushner Talks To Fox News Chairman Rupert Murdoch ‘Every Day,’ Asks Him For Advice: Report

President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner reportedly talks to Fox News founder and chairman Rupert Murdoch “every day” to assure him that the White House is running smoothly and to seek his advice.

The New Yorker published a bombshell report on Monday detailing Kushner’s personal relationship with Murdoch.

While Fox News has always been a partisan channel, the New Yorker exposé titled “The Making of the Fox News White House” reveals that news network appears to have crossed the line into propaganda for the Trump White House.

Kushner has “worked hard to win over Murdoch,” according to the news outlet, which cited “well-informed sources.”

Kushner, 38, has reached “an almost filial status” with Murdoch, 87, according to The New Yorker.

One source said Kushner and Murdoch communicated “like, every day,” with multiple sources saying the two talked regularly.

Murdoch also speaks with Trump on the phone often, several sources told The New Yorker.

“It’s two men who’ve known each other for a very long time having frank conversations,” a former Trump aide who was often in the Oval Office when Murdoch called, told the magazine. “The president certainly doesn’t kowtow to Murdoch, but Murdoch also doesn’t to kowtow to him. He speaks to him the same way he would have five years ago.”

The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer also reports that Fox News passed on the Stormy Daniels bombshell story to protect the president.

The Daily Beast notes:

“Diana Falzone, who often covered the entertainment industry, had obtained proof that Trump had engaged in a sexual relationship in 2006 with a pornographic film actress calling herself Stormy Daniels,” Mayer writes. She says Falzone had even confirmed it with Daniels through Gina Rodriguez, Daniels’ manager at the time and with Daniels’ former husband, Mike Moz, who she says “described multiple calls from Trump.” “Falzone had also amassed emails between Daniels’ attorney and Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, detailing a proposed cash settlement, accompanied by a nondisclosure agreement. Falzone had even seen the contract,” Mayer writes. CNN has previously reported that Falzone’s story was squashed by Fox.

But Falzone’s story didn’t run. “It kept being passed off from one editor to the next.” After Falzone kept getting “one noncommittal answer after another from her editors,” the Fox news reporter finally heard from Ken LaCorte, who was then the head of Mayer quotes Falzone saying what LaCorte said to her. “Good reporting, kiddo. But Rupert [Murdoch] wants Donald Trump to win. So just let it go,” he reportedly said. But then Mayer concedes, “LaCorte denies telling Falzone this, but one of Falzone’s colleagues confirms having heard her account at the time.”


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