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The Guardians of Democracy

KKK Members Display ‘Make America Great Again’ Banner At NC Hate Rally, Outnumbered By Counter-Protesters


KKK Members Display ‘Make America Great Again’ Banner At NC Hate Rally, Outnumbered By Counter-Protesters

Members of a North Carolina Ku Klux Klan group were outnumbered by counter-protesters during a rally held on the sidewalk in front of the Orange County courthouse in Hillsborough late Saturday afternoon.

The KKK members at the gathering were part of the ‘Loyal White Knights’ out of Rockingham County, reports CBS17.

Several demonstrators were seen dressed in KKK attire while holding various signs, including one that read: “Help Make America Great Again,” a slogan adopted by President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Counter-protesters staged themselves in front of the KKK, as well as across the street.

“This is my community, I live just a few blocks away from here and I really don’t want them to claim their territory here. This is not a Hillsborough value, this is not what our community stands for,” Allison Mahaley said.

“Skin really is paper thin. In all the ways that matter, there really is only one human race,” Mark Daughtridge from Durham said at the protest.

“I am grateful and applaud the citizens of Hillsborough for turning out,” Mayor Tom Stevens said in a release, “for standing by each other, and for standing together to demonstrate to the world that the toxic, KKK, neo-confederate, white-supremacist message has no place in our community. None.”

State Representative Graig Meyer tweeted: “We must not stand down in the fight against hate and racism.”

Town police received no advanced notice about the event, officials said. The group did not have a permit for the demonstration, reports Chapelboro.

Congressman David Price, who represents Hillsborough in North Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District, said: “we must not stop working until white supremacy is sent where it belongs – the dustbin of history.”

Beto O’Rourke, who is running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, also condemned the rally:


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