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The Guardians of Democracy

Kavanaugh’s College Drinking Buddies Call Out His Lies In Op-Ed Urging Senate To Reject His Confirmation


Kavanaugh’s College Drinking Buddies Call Out His Lies In Op-Ed Urging Senate To Reject His Confirmation

Three of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s college drinking buddies have penned an op-ed in The Washington Post urging the United States Senate to vote NO on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Charles Ludington, Lynne Brookes and Elizabeth Swisher, each asserted that “Brett lied to the Senate by stating, under oath, that he never drank to the point of forgetting what he was doing. We said, unequivocally, that each of us, on numerous occasions, had seen Brett stumbling drunk to the point that it would be impossible for him to state with any degree of certainty that he remembered everything that he did when drunk.”

The trio said they have “received numerous angry messages accusing us of attempting to ruin a man’s life because of his drunken antics as a college student. In fact, none of us condemned Brett for his frequent drunkenness. We drank too much in college as well. It is true that Brett acknowledged he sometimes drank ‘too many beers.’ But he also stated that he never drank to the point of blacking out.”

The three wrote that they have received hate mail, violent threats and even lost friends after coming forward. One had their work server hacked.

They continued:

None of this is what we wanted, but we felt it our civic duty to speak the truth and say that Brett lied under oath while seeking to become a Supreme Court justice. That is our one and only message, but it is a significant one. For we each believe that telling the truth, no matter how difficult, is a moral obligation for our nation’s leaders. No one should be able to lie their way onto the Supreme Court. Honesty is the glue that holds together a society of laws. Lies are the solvent that dissolves those bonds.

All of us went to Yale, whose motto is “Lux et Veritas” (Light and Truth). Brett also belonged to a Yale senior secret society called Truth and Courage. We believe that Brett neither tells the former nor embodies the latter. For this reason, we believe that Brett Kavanaugh should not sit on the nation’s highest court.

Jamie Roche, who shared a dorm with Kavanaugh at Yale, wrote in an op-ed for Slate on Wednesday that Kavanaugh “baldly” lied under oath about his drinking habits.


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