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The Guardians of Democracy

‘Karen’ Calls Cops Over Black Lives Matter Sign Because It Might ‘Incite Riots,’ Get Her ‘Shot’


‘Karen’ Calls Cops Over Black Lives Matter Sign Because It Might ‘Incite Riots,’ Get Her ‘Shot’

A white woman has gone viral after she called the cops on a young white protester holding a sign reading, “Black Lives F*cking Matter” because she said it might attract the “wrong people” and get her “shot” during a “riot.”

“Me protesting peacefully & alone in an affluent white suburb,” Shane Meyers, 23, wrote on his now-viral TikTok video.

“And Karen chased me down and called 2 cops on me for ‘inciting riots’ because she was threatened by the premise that BLACK LIVES F*CKING MATTER,” he wrote.

“I said excuse me, but can you please not put that sign out because it will crank up the wrong people,” the woman explained to the officer. “I don’t want to be driving and have bullets shot at me because they’re upset because you started it. I’m just upset because I don’t want to get caught when they start rioting because of your sign.”

“Unfortunately, he’s allowed to stand here with a sign that says whatever he wants to say on it,” the officer explains to the woman.

“I’m also upset because black and brown lives are at risk every single day in this county,” Meyers explains to the woman he dubbed Karen.

“Everybody’s life is at risk,” the officer and Karen responded.

“Well thank you for both-sidesing it,” Meyers fires back.

“Black lives fucking matter,” Meyers declares.

“Wow. The F word too? I mean little kids are reading that,” she responds.

“I’m sorry if you are a snowflake and can’t handle it,” he said.


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