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The Guardians of Democracy

Joe Scarborough Reacts To Trump’s ‘Hateful,’ ‘Frightening’ Rally: This Was ‘Trump At His Worst’


Joe Scarborough Reacts To Trump’s ‘Hateful,’ ‘Frightening’ Rally: This Was ‘Trump At His Worst’

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough blasted Trump’s campaign rally in Arizona Tuesday night, saying Wednesday morning that it was “hateful,” “frightening,” and a “disaster” for the country and for “his long-term political health.”

“This was Donald Trump at his worst,” Scarborough said.

“The president follows up a scripted speech one day with an absolute disaster the next day.”

“There’s no doubt this was a hateful, derisive speech,” he said. “He sounded like an autocrat trying to dehumanize his allies.”

Scarborough then read a tweet from former Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon summing up the event.

“Trump tonight saluted a racist sheriff who is a convicted criminal and trashed a war hero who has brain cancer,” read Fallon’s tweet.

The Hill added:

At the rally, Trump hinted that he would pardon “Sheriff Joe” Arpaio, who was found guilty of contempt of court after he was ordered to stop racially profiling people he suspected were in the country illegally.

Scarborough also spoke on Trump’s comments on the media, as the president accused members of the media of not loving their country.

“We knew this was coming and I’m sure many people around him on his staff knew this was coming,” Scarborough said.


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