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Jimmy Carter Warns: ‘It Would Be A Disaster To Have Four More Years Of Trump’


Jimmy Carter Warns: ‘It Would Be A Disaster To Have Four More Years Of Trump’

Former President Jimmy Carter warned that it would be a “disaster” if President Trump were to get reelected to hold office for another four years.

During his and his wife’s annual report at the Carter Center in Atlanta on Tuesday night, the former president said he thinks “it would be a disaster to have four more years of Trump,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The remark came while Carter listed the issues he wanted his foundation to address in the coming years — which included focusing on putting a stop to wars, taking action against climate change and “constructively criticizing the United States.”

Carter told the crowd that if any of the current Democratic presidential candidates “do those things, I would probably vote for them.”

“I don’t know who I will vote for, but I will vote for one of them,” Carter continued. “I voted for Bernie [Sanders] the last time. But one of the major factors I have in my mind is who can beat Trump.”

Rosalynn Carter also slammed Trump during the event, saying: “I think we need a new president.”

“I am so disturbed about white power. He [Trump] says he is not a racist and maybe he is not. But some of the things he says encourages racism,” she added.

The former president did offer some praise to Trump over his apparent reluctance to go to war. “Which is something I like about him,” Carter said. “Don’t ask me what else I like.”

While discussing ongoing escalating tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Carter said he thinks “we can resolve the issue diplomatically and that is what the president is inclined to do.”

“Find someone to talk to Iran with mutual respect,” he continued. “But I don’t have a clear answer on what side we should choose.”

Earlier this summer, Carter said he thought Trump was an “illegitimate” president and added that he only believes he defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016 because of Russian interference in the election.


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