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Jewish Neighbors Horrified By Pro-Trump Florida Realtor’s Nazi Concentration Camp Halloween Display


Jewish Neighbors Horrified By Pro-Trump Florida Realtor’s Nazi Concentration Camp Halloween Display

Florida realtor Susan Lamerton is under fire with her neighbors after she decided to decorate her lawn this Halloween with a Nazi-themed display, featuring “skeleton after skeleton, saluting Hitler with concentration camp identification numbers on their arms and a Star of David on their chests,” reports local Tampa TV station WFLA.

Lamerton’s disgusted neighbors in New Port Richey, Florida, have described the display as “pure hate.”

The display also features a sign that reads, “Arbeit Macht Frei,” which translated in German means, “Work sets you free.”

“It is a slogan known for being on display at the entrance of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps,” notes WFLA.

“It sickens me that we can have this, you know, with what happened in Pittsburgh,” neighbor Bonnie Katz told the station.

Her husband, Mitcell Katz, explained how decorations like this are hurtful. “I’m Jewish, this says she hates Jews and we should die.”

“It sickens me, it sickens me.  I couldn’t fall asleep the first night I found out about it,” said Iris Hookway with tears in her eyes as she drove past the display.

Lamerton, who claims to be Jewish, says the entire controversy began over a fight she is having with her homeowner’s association.

WFLA reports:

She claims she’s been battling them over landscaping for months. We asked her – why would put this in front of your home?

“Because they’re trying to take my house,” she yelled. “Don’t you understand?”

She told us she’s received death threats over her display, but refuses to remove it. She says she stands firm in her decision to keep them right where they are.

“I have freedom of speech, they have freedom of speech,” she said. “They need to leave my property.”

As for the homeowner herself, she has this message for people who don’t like the decorations – they can leave, the decorations will stay.

According to RawStory:

A search of Lamerton’s social media accounts revealed that last year, she shared posts from the Angry Patriot Movement blog, a pro-Trump fake news website.

“Drain the swamp and send the idiots home,” the realtor wrote alongside a link that claimed Donald Trump got “the final laugh” during a battle of words with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

Lamerton’s “Liked” pages include “Team Trump,” her county’s Republican Party page and pages for Melania Trump and Donald Trump Jr.


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