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Indiana Republican Party’s Facebook Request For ‘Obamacare Horror Stories’ Goes Horribly Wrong


Indiana Republican Party’s Facebook Request For ‘Obamacare Horror Stories’ Goes Horribly Wrong

The Indiana Republican Party issued a call for residents to share their “Obamacare horror stories” on its Facebook page in an attempt to garner support for Senate Republicans’ health care plan, the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA).

The post was instead flooded with thousands of stories about the legislation’s positive effects.

“We were promised Obamacare would make healthcare cheaper, better, and more available, but in reality it’s turned out to be the opposite,” the state party wrote in a post. “What’s your Obamacare horror story? Let us know.”

“Unable to purchase health insurance on the private market due to pre-existing conditions, we have affordable coverage now with great doctors and great care,” wrote Kim Wheeler.

“My horror story is that my child got cancer and Obamacare made it possible for her to go into adulthood without facing lifetime caps and we were able to focus on caring for her instead of living in fear of having to choose between keeping our house or keeping our child alive,” wrote one user.

“Thanks to The ACA my mother was able to have insurance after she retired and before she qualified for Medicare. She kept her doctor and had good healthcare. The ACA works,” one wrote.

“Thanks to ACA I was able to find coverage while I was unemployed,” commented Todd Sanzone.

“ACA enabled my self-employed relatives to get great insurance coverage at affordable rates,” said Phyllis Kai-Kee. “Great service, too. No horrors. Just greatness.”

“My friend who is disabled and unable to work was able to get treatment for her health issues. Oh, and her three children were able to access healthcare as well,” another person commented. “Health care is a human right and ACA was a great start. Thanks Obamacare!”

“Got covered when I had a heart attack at 58. That’s no horror story,” another person wrote.

“My premiums went way down and I didn’t need to switch any doctors, Obamacare has been the great thing in my life,” added Harry Leaf.

“Thanks to the miserable Affordable Care Act, my eight year old daughter cannot be denied coverage due to her preexisiting cardiac condition for which she had open heart surgery as a newborn,” wrote another. “We were really hoping the American healthcare system would cripple her with debt for the rest of her life, but that son of a b**** Obama, just had to get his hands on it and fix it.”

Wrote another: “Before the ACA, I would have been denied coverage of my hubby and I were to ever switch jobs due to my brain tumor, a pre existing condition. Our 14 year old daughter would have been denied coverage due to her heart condition, known as a sub aortic stenosis. So the ACA has helped us tremendously, as it has many millions of people. I know there are pieces that need worked on, but as a law abiding, tax paying, civilly obedient, law abiding American citizen, I don’t think myself or my children should be denied coverage. Let’s work together to make the ACA better.”

Kyle Hupfer, Indiana Republican Party State Chairman, blamed the positive responses supporting the ACA on DNC-affiliated groups sharing the post over social media.

This is what you would expect when Democratic National Committee affiliated groups begin to share the message across social media and ask their folks to engage,” Hupfer told CBS News. He added, “What we know is that these responses do not represent the majority of Hoosiers who, when asked, time and time again say they want Obamacare repealed.”

John Zody, Indiana Democratic Party Chair, told CBS News on Wednesday, “Hoosiers know the ACA isn’t perfect, but we’ll tell whoever’s asking online that we’re thrilled hundreds of thousands of our friends and neighbors can now receive affordable care through HIP 2.0’s Medicaid expansion, or that insurers can no longer discriminate against pre-existing conditions.”

He added,  “The overwhelming majority of Hoosiers want to protect and improve the ACA, and we’ll stand against Republican attempts to take away healthcare from 22 million Americans.”


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