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In 24-Seconds, Dayton Shooter Killed 9, Injured 26 With ‘Legal’ 100-Round ‘Double-Drum’ Magazine


In 24-Seconds, Dayton Shooter Killed 9, Injured 26 With ‘Legal’ 100-Round ‘Double-Drum’ Magazine

Dayton Police officers were able to neutralize a mass shooter within 24-seconds of the first shot being fired, according to Dayton, Ohio, Mayor Nan Whaley.

Police identified the shooter on Sunday as Connor Betts, 24, from nearby Bellbrook, a small city about 15 miles outside Dayton.

The gun used to kill nine people and injure 27 others during the shooting rampage was a high-powered AR-15 style rifle that was “obtained legally,” authorities said Sunday. The weapon was equipped with a “double-drum” magazine that could hold 100 rounds.

“It is certain dozens [of rounds] were fired,” said Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl.

“There’s nothing in his history that would have precluded him from buying the firearm,” Biehl said, adding that there was “nothing to suggest the magazine is illegal” either.

The rifle was ordered online from Texas and “transferred at an area firearms dealer,” Dayton said.

Authorities also recovered a shotgun from the car.

The shooter was attempting to enter a crowded bar when he was shot dead by officers.

Had the six officers involved in the response not acted so quickly, said chief Biehl, there would have been further “catastrophic injury and loss of life” due to the “level of weaponry” possessed by the shooter.

Earlier in the day the police department named all nine of the victims, which included the shooter’s 22 year-old younger sister, Megan Betts. The others were named as: 27 year-old Lois Oglesby, 38 year-old Saeed Saleh, 57 year-old Derrick Fudge, 30 year-old Logan Turner, 25 year-old Nicholas Cumer, 25 year-old Thomas McNichols, 36 year-old Beatrice Warren-Curtis, and 39 year-old Monica Brickhouse.

Retired officer Derek Bauman tweeted: “This is the type of 100 Round double drum magazine the Dayton shooter used. No need for pesky reloading. Available to legally order online for convenient home deliver as we speak for $129.95. Perhaps we could stipulate that folks don’t need these and go from there?”


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