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‘I Would Kill A N****r: White Woman’s Racist Tirade At CVS Triggers Hate Crime Investigation


‘I Would Kill A N****r: White Woman’s Racist Tirade At CVS Triggers Hate Crime Investigation

A white California woman was caught on video Tuesday unleashing a racist rant targeting a black woman at a CVS Pharmacy in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The woman, identified by as Heather Lynn Patton, can be heard hurling the n-word several times and proudly saying she wants to kill black people,

The video begins with the woman jumping up and down at the store’s entrance and yelling, “I hate n*ggers.”

When the woman filming says Patton “is on drugs or something,” she fires back, “no I just hate n*****s. F**k you, n*****s.”

The 49-year-old woman continued screaming, “I hate n*****s!” in the parking.

“Come on lady, take a break,” a CVS customer told Patton as he walked into the store.

“I hate n*****s!” Patton responded. “I would kill a n***** but the law says I can’t kill the n*****s. If the law didn’t say I couldn’t kill the n*****s they’d all be dead.”

Adrene Ashford, who filmed the incident, told Heavy that the altercation began with “Patton screaming at her and verbally assaulting her inside the CVS store unprovoked. She began recording because she wanted police to be able to see what had happened.”

“I would like to take a stand and share my story,” Ashford told Heavy. “I was in there shopping and she started screaming and yelling at me in the store. I ran to the front and begged them to call police, and said ‘she keeps calling me n*gger.’”

Ashford said she filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department.

The LAPD told the Los Angeles Times and KTLA-TV that a hate crime investigation is underway.

“I’m extremely surprised to see it in Eagle Rock, because there’s a whole bunch of all kinds of minorities here,” one CVS customer told CBS. “That’s all I can say, I’m surprised to see it here.”

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So this was not how I wanted to enter back on Social Media. I I have not been on social media for 3 years. I’m getting back on today to make sure the world knows about this horrible racist incident that happened to me. #thishappenedtome ————————————— … I am “The black woman” this racist woman verbally assaulted inside #cvs. I filmed her, it’s my voice you hear. I asked the #cvs employees to call the police. The cashier responded the customer is calling now. I proceeded to film her in action. #CVS did nothing to protect me. I’m awaiting for police to contact me as they didn’t come to the scene. THERE ARE LAWS AGAINST HATE CRIMES. I will stand and fight. #racist #racism #people #country #america #black #ignorance #blacklivesmatter #theygolowwegohigh #peace #notonmywatch #thishappenedtome #adreneash #costumedesigner #stylist #blackwomen

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