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‘I Will F-cking Kill You’: Pro-Police ‘Back The Blue’ Members Beat BLM Protesters In Colorado Ditch


‘I Will F-cking Kill You’: Pro-Police ‘Back The Blue’ Members Beat BLM Protesters In Colorado Ditch

Members of a pro-police “Back the Blue” rally were seen charging and then fighting with Black Lives Matter counter-protesters in Fort Collins, Colorado over the weekend.

Video posted on social media shows members of the “Back the Blue” group, who are seen wearing pro-police t-shirts and carrying American flags, advancing on Black Lives Matter activists before the violent clash.

The confrontation eventually turns into an all-out fighting match in a roadside ditch.

“I will f-cking kill you,” someone yells out at the BLM protesters.

“Everybody keep their hands off their weapons!” another man can be heard shouting. “Keep punching each other in the face. Don’t shoot anybody.”

Ciara Wilson posted a video of the confrontation on Instagram.

“I was at the Pro Police FCPD rally today,” she wrote in the caption. “Counter protestors were violently beaten and had no signs of aggression or hostility. Pro Police protestors forced them to the end of the block and then savagely assaulted them. Afterwards the COUNTER PROTESTORS WERE DETAINED. The officers did not tell them why they were being detained. The pro police protestors who literally assaulted these people for no fucking reason other than being PSYCHOPATHS got away with it. I am so sick and tired of this.”

Black Lives Matter activist Brian Loma told The Rocky Mountain Collegian that the actions of the pro-police group were “disgusting.”

“I value that these people want to have a rally and they want to hold the line, but what I saw was women and as well as some gentlemen being forced, pushed, not only off the sidewalk into the street and then basically chased for two blocks into a trail,” Loma said.

In a statement, the Fort Collins Police Service said that officers issued three arrests and one citation due to “physical disturbances.”


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