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‘I Can’t Use It?’ White Cop In S.C. Suspended For Repeatedly Using The N-Word On Video


‘I Can’t Use It?’ White Cop In S.C. Suspended For Repeatedly Using The N-Word On Video

A Columbia, South Carolina, officer has been suspended after an online video showed him repeatedly using a racial slur, according to the Columbia Police Department.

In a release, the department said Sergeant Chad Walker and several officers went to Bar None and found “several violations of the Governor’s Executive Order to stop the service and consumption of alcohol.”

During the visit, the department claims a Black man called Sgt. Walker a racial slur after he told him to stop drinking his cocktail, reported WACH-TV.

“Afterwards, as Walker and patrons were outside, there was a heated exchange between them, including Walker’s repeated use of a racial slur,” the department said in a statement. “The entire incident was captured on Walker’s body-worn camera and citizens’ cell phone video.”

A bystander’s video, which was widely circulated online, shows Walker repeatedly using the slur as he argued with patrons at Bar None.

“You got mad at me because I told you you couldn’t drink your drink so you called me that word,” Walker says, as the Black man denies using the slur.

Walker insisted that he should be allowed to use the slur, which he suggested was synonymous with “ignorant,” if it had been used against him.

“He can say it to me, but I can’t say it to him?” the officer asks, as onlookers tell him he cannot.

“You’re white,” someone tells the officer.

“Who cares what color I am!” Walker says. “He called me a word.”

“Grow up,” a man says. “You’re a cop.”


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