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‘Hitler Was Right’: Missouri GOP Candidate Pushed Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories


‘Hitler Was Right’: Missouri GOP Candidate Pushed Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories

Steve West, who won the GOP primary for the Missouri House’s 15th District on Tuesday by nearly 25 points, has a history of making anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic comments online, including saying “Hitler was right” about who was “behind” the events taking place in Germany before World War II, The Kansas City Star reported Thursday.

“Looking back in history, unfortunately, Hitler was right about what was taking place in Germany. And who was behind it,” West reportedly said in January 2017.

West has also accused “Jewish cabals” of “harvesting baby parts” through Planned Parenthood.

West told The Star that his remarks were taken out of context.

“Jewish people can be beautiful people, but there’s ideologies associated with that that I don’t agree with,” he told the Star. “Jews today are a remnant of the tribe of Judah that rejected Christ.”

The newspaper uncovered additional anti-Semitic comments West made on his radio show or on his YouTube channel and website.

West reportedly told listeners that Jews torture and molest children and that Jews run the Republican Party. He also accused Islam of being “a political movement masquerading as religion,” saying it should be stripped of the benefits associated with religious institutions, the Star reported.

The Missouri Republican Party denounced West’s “disgusting” comments on Thursday night.

“Steve West’s shocking and vile comments do not reflect the position of the Missouri Republican Party or indeed of any decent individual,” the statement said. “West’s abhorrent rhetoric has absolutely no place in the Missouri Republican Party or anywhere. We wholeheartedly condemn his comments.”

West told the Star he is “not running as a radio show host, I’m running for state representative.”

“You guys want to make it an issue, you can go there, but I’m not going to comment on that,” he said.



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