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Heidi Cruz Gripes Over Ted’s $174,000 Senate Salary: ‘We’re Not Buying A Second Home Anytime Soon’


Heidi Cruz Gripes Over Ted’s $174,000 Senate Salary: ‘We’re Not Buying A Second Home Anytime Soon’

In a new interview with The Atlantic, Heidi Cruz, the wife of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), griped that her husband’s Senate career has meant that she has had to step up to become the family breadwinner.

The Atlantic notes that Heidi has been working “70-hour weeks not only because she wants to, but also because she has to.”

“I really feel mission-driven on what he’s accomplishing,” she told the publication. But “it does take some supportiveness, you know. Six to seven years in it, with me being the primary breadwinner—it’s like, ‘Uh, yeah, this is when people say thank you. I’ll now take that appreciation.’” She laughed.

“Yeah, we’re seven years into this, and we’re not buying a second home anytime soon.”

According to a 2016 Fortune profile of Heidi:

How much does she make? By Wall Street standards, her earnings at Goldman were merely good. On the Cruz’s joint tax return from 2010, it appears her salary was around $360,000. Cruz hasn’t released his 2013 or 2014 tax returns. His personal disclosure form has a line for salary for Heidi Cruz from Goldman Sachs, but doesn’t say what it is. But it is likely substantially higher. According to her LinkedIn profile, Heidi Cruz in 2013 was promoted to managing director—the final step on the ladder before becoming partner. According to, the typical managing director at Goldman has base salary of about $376,000 and total compensation –including bonus and stock – of about $600,000 per year.

According to The Washington Times, the Cruz’s are worth $3.8 million.


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