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The Guardians of Democracy

Heavily Armed ‘Trump’ Militia Member Caught On Video Attacking Driver, Nearly Crushing Arm With Car Door: WATCH


Heavily Armed ‘Trump’ Militia Member Caught On Video Attacking Driver, Nearly Crushing Arm With Car Door: WATCH

A group of heavily armed, white militia were spotted roaming the streets of Louisville, Kentucky after the attorney general announced the grand jury’s decision in the police murder of Breonna Taylor as she slept in her bed.

“The injustice we’re witnessing at this moment can be sensed throughout the nation. Kentucky General Daniel Cameron’s failure to bring substantial charges against the officers who murdered Breonna Taylor causes angst and pain for far too many Americans still reeling from a pandemic. The charges of wanton endangerment in connection with the murder of Breonna Taylor does not go far enough and is a miscarriage of justice for her family and the people of Louisville,” the NAACP said in a statement following the grand jury’s decision. “The justice system failed Breonna Taylor and, as such, failed us.”

Footage surfaced on Wednesday of individuals dressed in khaki pants, helmets and bulletproof vests with rifles in hand on the streets shortly after Attorney General Daniel Cameron indicted only one of the officers involved in the late EMT’s death. Earlier today, former detective Brett Hankinson was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment. Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and Detective Myles Cosgrove walked away with no charges as Attorney General Daniel Cameron said their shootings were justified.

Per a Fox affiliate, the group of men refused to name themselves, but were later identified as members of the National Patriotic Defense Team, a right-wing militant group based in Kentucky.

Another right-wing militia group was reportedly gathering a few blocks away.

In another disturbing video, a militia member seen wearing a “Trump 2020” hat can be seen slamming a car door on a driver, nearly crushing their arm.

“Video Shows First Trumpist Assault on a Peaceful Civilian Protester Occurring in Louisville Kentucky; at 20 Seconds into This Video, a Far-Right Pro-Trump Militiaman Closes a Car Door on a Protestor’s Arm, a Violent Crime in Kentucky (and Potentially a Felony),” Lawyer and Professor Seth Abramson wrote in response to the video. “For those wondering about this assault in Louisville, Kentucky, *no*—you *can’t* violently close someone’s car door in a way that causes physical contact to them, and the car door may well be considered as “deadly weapon” (making it a felony) as it’s capable of causing death.”

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