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In Heated Exchange, Geraldo Rivera Asks Hannity: ‘When Did We Become The Party Of Child Abuse?’


In Heated Exchange, Geraldo Rivera Asks Hannity: ‘When Did We Become The Party Of Child Abuse?’

Geraldo Rivera said during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity that the Republican Party has become “the party of child abuse,” referring to the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their families at the border.

“The Democrats have a deal, a DACA fix, and a fix on separation for kids. [Sen. Chuck] Schumer’s [D-N.Y] answer is no. Why? Because he wants it for politics. They’re playing politics. Fix the law and do your job. That’s it,” Hannity said in introducing an interview with Rivera.

“This is cruelty as policy. This is an obscenity,” Rivera said.

“This is in the government of the United States and the that we both love, advocating a system by which young children are torn from their mother,” Rivera added. “History will judge us, Sean. We must take a stand on something.”

“I agree. Here’s where we draw the line. I want no separation. The president and you supported him, offered a DACA fix and a fix on this law as horrible as it is, immediately he’ll sign it,” Hannity replied.

“No matter what the president has done or will say, this is the only thing people are thinking about,” Rivera said. “This is getting more attention than Korea.”

“It can be fixed tomorrow,” Hannity insisted.

“Twenty-three hundred children have been torn from their parents forcibly!” Rivera shot back. “These are little babies, 18 months old. These are 10-year-olds with disabilities! Taken from their parents. This is impossible. We can’t condone this. The Republicans are the party of faith and family.”

“When did we become the party of child abuse!?” Rivera added.

Hannity later asked Rivera if he supported an “emergency session of Congress, take the DACA, take the separation fix, take the funding of the wall, and both houses do their job and the president signs it. It can happen tomorrow.”

“I agree. But before tomorrow, tonight, the president should end this policy,” Rivera said.

“You aren’t answering the question,” Hannity pressed.

“I do not condone child abuse,” Rivera explained.

“Don’t play politics, you can’t be that naive,” Hannity retorted.

“There are 2,300 babies without their mother tonight,” Rivera noted.

“Congress should do their job,” Hannity replied.

The Hill added:

Several polls show considerable opposition to the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy, with Quinnipiac showing a 66 to 27 percent margin against it and CNN showing only 28 percent approval.

Majorities of Republicans in both polls, however, support the policy.


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