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‘Handmaids’ Protest VP Mike Pence’s Appearance As Keynote Speaker For Right-Wing Hate Group


‘Handmaids’ Protest VP Mike Pence’s Appearance As Keynote Speaker For Right-Wing Hate Group

Vice President Pence was greeted by Colorado protestors cloaked in red robes outside a Friday speech to Focus on the Family, an evangelical Christian organization that takes strong conservative stances on political issues including abortion and homosexuality.

The protestors’ dress was an homage to the TV series and book “The Handmaid’s Tale,” in which women are treated as male property. One protestor carried a sign that read “Stop targeting women’s healthcare,” according to a photo posted on Twitter.

One of the groups that planned the protest called it their way of “making kind of a shocking statement.”

“It’s a way of showing that Focus on the Family and Mike Pence stand for very restrictive, ‘traditional’ gender roles, opposition to choice for women and anti-LGBTQ positions,” Ryan Barry of Unite Colorado Springs told The Denver Post. “This is the way they see Focus, this backwards organization that’s promoting stuff that’s far beyond what most of us would consider applicable for modern society.”

Pence’s speech focused on the religious right.

“Under this president’s leadership, life is winning in America,” Pence said, according to the Post.

The Hill added:

“He also promised that the administration would stop federal money from going to Planned Parenthood, an organization many conservatives have targeted for its abortion and birth control services. The latest version of the Senate GOP’s healthcare legislation does so for a year.”

Protestors in Ohio earlier this month also wore costumes channeling “The Handmaid’s Tale” to protest anti-abortion laws in Ohio. The demonstration was inspired by a similar ‘handmaids’ protest in Texas earlier this year.



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