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GOP Sen. Ben Sasse On Trump Tariffs: He Is ‘Going To Make It 1929 Again’


GOP Sen. Ben Sasse On Trump Tariffs: He Is ‘Going To Make It 1929 Again’

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) slammed President Trump’s reported plan to provide billions of dollars in emergency aid to U.S. farmers who are being hit hard by hefty retaliatory tariffs on their products, warning that Trump is “going to make it 1929 again.”

The Nebraska senator was referring to the year that the Great Depression hit the U.S. and the rest of the world, which led to protectionist trade policies and tariffs.

Sasse blasted Trump’s tariffs, saying that they are “cutting the legs out from under farmers” and that the administration is now poised to “spend $12 billion on gold crutches.”

“America’s farmers don’t want to be paid to lose – they want to win by feeding the world,” Sasse said in a statement. “This administration’s tariffs and bailouts aren’t going to make America great again, they’re just going to make it 1929 again.”

The Hill added:

Farmers have been caught in the crosshairs of an escalating global trade war. Agriculture groups and lawmakers from farm states have been calling on the administration to stop imposing the tariffs because their products are being targeted for retaliatory tariffs by top U.S. trading partners.

Reports surfaced on Tuesday that the Agriculture Department was preparing a plan to send as much as $12 billion in federal aid to farmers amid growing concerns over the trade war.




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