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GOP Maine Governor Writes ‘Stolen Election’ On Certification For Democrat’s House Race Victory


GOP Maine Governor Writes ‘Stolen Election’ On Certification For Democrat’s House Race Victory

Outgoing GOP Maine Gov. Paul LePage certified the victory of Rep.-elect Jared Golden (D) in the state’s 2nd Congressional District on Friday, nearly two months after the Nov. 6 election — but wrote “stolen election” next to his signature in protest of the state’s new ranked-choice voting system.

“I’ve signed off on the CD2 election result as it’s no longer in federal court,” the governor tweeted. “Ranked Choice Voting didn’t result in a true majority as promised-simply a plurality measured differently. It didn’t keep big money out of politics & didn’t result in a more civil election.”

LePage included a picture of the certification where he had penciled in “stolen election” next to his signature.

Golden narrowly defeated Poliquin in November, flipping a traditionally Republican and rural district in the first general election after the state’s voters passed a ballot measure to enact ranked-choice voting, reports the Huffpost.

The Hill notes:

In ranked-choice voting, voters submit a ballot that ranks candidates in order of preference. If no candidate initially receives 50 percent of the vote, then the candidate with the fewest first-place votes is eliminated and those votes are reallocated to the voters’ second choice candidates.

Golden ended up winning the House seat because of the second- and third-place votes he received. Poliquin immediately mounted a legal challenge to the system, but had his case thrown out. Earlier this month, Poliquin dropped his request for a recount, effectively ending his challenge to the race. The Republican congressman conceded defeat this week.

In response to LePage’s certification Friday, Golden tweeted that the governor’s comments were “wrong” and “yet another attempt by the Maine GOP to undermine the will of Mainers.”


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